My Story


 Howdy ya'll, Aloha from Tennessee Teddy. 

 From where I stand life is good.  I am very humbled to see the hand of God  working in the world and in my own life. Praise the Lord; He still performs miracles for those who dare to believe.  

 If I could take a moment to share a little bit about myself.  I'd have to say first  that I owe everything to Almighty God.  Over my lifetime I have been so fortunate to have learned of His amazing love for me. Sometimes I think he loves me more than anyone else on earth. 

 But there was a time when I wasn't very lovable, actually I was rotten and  hateful and ugly. I didn't have any rules or pride or spine. I had ran everyone who cared for me away.

 In my darkest time, Jesus came and whispered to me saying "You have broken my heart ..... but I can still forgive you."  I had never doubted that God loved me but sometimes He seemed so far away. This particular night the Lord visited me in my pit of misery. That's when I felt the immense depths of His love. 

  I said Dear Lord I need you; I made a real bad mess of things. If you can make something out of this life, you can have the rest of it.  

  That was in 1996.  I am proud to say that God gave me a brand new life and He can do the same for you.

  Why I Sing

  Over the years, many people have expressed to me how much a certain song means to them and they asked me if I could sing it for them. I always try my best to sing the ones they want because it gives them a certain satisfaction or enjoyment.  Music is a unique and special vehicle that can allow the listener to relive a memory.

  It has been my experience that if I play and sing their song just right, it can transport them to a place they want to revisit. For those reasons I take my singing very seriously.  

  Not every request makes a profound impact, but when I get to experience one of those Holy moments with someone, we both realize the waves of power that might be bottled up in a song.